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Dr. Scott Taylor - Veterinarian - Owner

Dr. Scott Taylor

     Dr. Taylor has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1987 and opened the Kendallville Animal Clinic in 1995. He is licensed to practice Veterinary Medicine in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. He enjoys taking care of both the medical and surgical needs of his patients. He is active in the Northeast Indiana Veterinary Medical Association and helps Black Pine Animal Sanctuary with their veterinary needs.

     Dr. Taylor lives on a farm with his wife and two beautiful daughters. He loves and cherishes the time he gets to spend with his family. They raise chickens and goats; have a golden retriever named Prudence Dictates and an orange tabby cat named Aaron. He is also on his way to becoming a master gardener, is very active in Corunna United Brethren in Christ Church and assists where he can in many other local groups and organizations.  

Veterinarian - Owner

Dr. Taylor received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Purdue University.

Along with his practice Dr. Taylor also is the primary care veterinarian at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary.

Danna Kimpel - Office Manager


     Danna has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2000. She began working in the veterinary field in 1979 when she volunteered her time at a local veterinary clinic. From this start as a small girl, she has worked in Ohio, Oklahoma and Indiana as a veterinary assistant. Danna loves to work in the office and hear all the special stories about family pets.

     Danna has 2 horses, Lady, a very spirited rescue horse and Abbey, a calm mare anyone can ride. She also has three cats Jamaican, Grayson and Princess and a Rottweiler named Keena, who was adopted from a local shelter.

     Danna and her husband love to travel and in 1999 she became a travel agent. She has three married children, and loves to spend time with her three beautiful granddaughters.

Clinic Manager

Danna is responsible for keeping the hospital operations running smoothly and closely works with Dr. Taylor to maintian the high quality care for the patients and clients.

Julie Ellison - Receptionist


     Julie has been with Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2006. She was raised in Fort Wayne and moved to Kendallville in 1994. She has always had a great love for animals and has had many pets throughout the years.

     Currently she has five cats, intends on adding a dog to the mix again someday, but until that day she enjoys the one's young and old that come into the clinic. Her favorite part of her job is the interaction with the pets and their owners.


Julie always answers the phone with a smile and assists the clients with all the needs for their special friend.

Kelly Blood - Veterinary Technician


     Kelly has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2008. She brought with her several years of prior veterinary experience not only in primary care, but emergency and large animal medicine as well. She often assists Dr. Taylor in the care of the animals at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and enjoys working with such special animals. Kelly takes a special interest in strengthening the bond between owners and their pets by educating owners on the best preventative care available.

     Although Kelly currently does not have any pets of her own, she holds a special place in heart for Golden Retrievers and Basset Hounds. She plans on introducing an English Mastiff into her family in the near future. Kelly spends her free time with her daughter and in the summer you will likely find them on the lake or camping.

Veterinary Technician

Kelly is currently participating in the Purdue University Veterinary Technician Distant Learning Program


Carly Walters - Veterinary Technician


     Carly has been with the Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2011.  Prior to coming to the Kendallville Animal Clinic, Carly worked in equine and large animal medicine as well as primary care. She enjoys educating clients on how to keep their pets happy and healthy!

     Carly has two horses (Cash and Midget), a Weimaraner (Graycie), and two cats (Smokey and June Bug).  Carly enjoys spending time with her family.  Carly and her daughter enjoy spending time riding horses and playing outside.

Veterinary Technician

Carly obtianed her Veterinary Technician degree from Stautzenberger College.

Morgan Klink - Veterinary Technician


     Morgan has been with Kendallville Animal Clinic since 2011. She is also an animal caretaker at a local dairy farm. Morgan is most gratified when she is able to teach clients something new about their pet's health.

     Morgan has two dogs (Decon and Ruby), two horses (Angel and Hannah), and a mini pot belly (Chester). Morgan enjoys riding horses and all terrain vehicles.  When the weather is nice she likes to take Decon and Ruby for walks through her woods.

Veterinary Technician

Morgan obtianed her Veterinary Technician degree from International Business College.

Amber Snyder- Student Assistant


     Amber started working with Kendallville Animal Clinic in the fall of 2012. She is currently attending college to become a veterinary technician. She enjoys working with animals as well as meeting their people. Amber enjoys learning new things.

      Amber was an active 4-H member in DeKalb County where she completed her 10 years. She loves helping others learn more about animals and now volunteers with the DeKalb County 4-H program. Amber currently has two dogs; Jess, a Border collie and June, an Australian Shepherd.  She has a paint horse named Treasure who she enjoys riding in her free time.  

Student Assistant

Amber is currently taking classes online through Ivy Tech and will soon begin her Veterinary Technician training with San Juan College.